Amazing Dr. Ear Cleaner

Introducing The Easy Wax Remover!

“I’ve never removed this much ear wax before – WOW what a difference!”

  • Never Suffer From Waxy Ears Again
  • Reach Itchy Parts of Your Ear For Immediate Relief
  • Soft Tips Massage Your Ear

See Why Dr. Ear Cleaner is Going Wild Across the Country!

Dr. Ear Cleaner will change how you care for your ear:
  • Finally reach itchy parts of your ear and get instant relief
  • Eliminate the risk of ear-wax build up for good
  • Save money by saving on trips to the Doctor’s office
Thousands of Customers Trust Dr. Ear Cleaner!

Spiral Silicon Wax Remover

Easy Twist Design

Soft Handle

Works with all ear sizes!

It’s way more comfortable than using a traditional swab
~ Jane Tramlee

Say Goodbye To The Discomfort of Ear Cleaning


Weather Safe

Not affected by heat, cold or humidity.


Deep Cleaning

Cleans every nook and cranny – your ears will always be clean.


Easy to Use

A stylish design with great pinch technology for you to use and take anywhere


Travel Friendly

Compact, pocket-sized design is lightweight and perfect for travel.



Unlike disposable chemical-filled wipes, the carbon technology is all-natural.


16 Free Tips!

Get 16 free additional Dr. Ear Cleaner tips with every unit! Buy 8 and get 128 extra trips.

Thoroughly & Safely Clean Your Ears!

Soft & Flexible Tips
This soft silicone tip provides a gentle but thorough removal of ear wax. The addition of these tips adds a new dimension of care to your routine.

16 Free Additional Tips Included!
Unlike other models which have no replacement, each unit comes with 16 additional soft silicone tips. Get a fresh clean every time!

Innovative Spiral Design
New spiral design makes it easy to remove ear wax. Compatible with all ears.

Here’s Why Customers Love Their Dr. Ear Clean…

“Relief At Last From Waxy Ears!”

This does all it says. It’s my new go to device to remove uncomfortable ear wax build. Took me no time at all to figure it out.

“Can’t live without it”

I got a set of 8 for my family and we all love it. Now it’s actually addicting to use, thank you for creating this.

“Getting more… my new favourite toy.”

Dr. Ear Cleaner is actually fun to use. Who would have thought that now I love cleaning my ears, imagine that!

Don’t Miss Out On Dr. Ear Cleaner!

Get several and save!

1 Dr. Ear Cleaner

Retail Price €19.99

+16 Free Ear Tips

Free Shipping

3 Dr. Ear Cleaner

Buy 2, Get 1 FREE

+48 Free Ear Tips
You Save: €19.99!

5 Dr. Ear Cleaner

Buy 3, Get 2 FREE

+80 Free Ear Tips
You Save: €39.99!


8 Dr. Ear Cleaner

Buy 4, Get 4 FREE

+128 Free Ear Tips
You Save: €79.96!

Best Deal

Get Multiple and Save!

  • 1 Dr Ear Cleaner
    Retail Price €19.99
    + Free Shipping
    +16 Free Tips

  • Buy 2 Get 1 Free
    + Free Shipping
    +48 Free Tips

    You Save: €19.99!

    Total: €39.98

  • Buy 3, Get 2 Free
    + Free Shipping
    +80 Free Tips

    You Save: 39.98€!

    Total: 59.97€

  • Buy 4, Get 4 Free
    + Free Shipping
    + 128 Free Tips

    You Save: €79.97!

    Total: €79.96

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