Amazing Eco SpaShower

Introducing The World’s First Mineral-Micro-Bead Shower Head

“I thought my shower head was good until I tried Eco SpaShower – WOW what a difference!”

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  • 200% More Pressure, Uses 30% Less Water
  • Purifying Mineral Balls And Ionic Filter Included
  • Turbocharge, Purify & Save Money

You’ll Never Want To Shower Without It!

Eco SpaShower is revolutionary that will change how you take showers
  • Filter out hard water with its microbead technolgy
  • 200% High Pressure, 30% Water Saving
  • Filter Out Negative Minerals, Chlorine & Limestone From Your Water

Universal adapter – fits all showers!

Most of the world is a desert so there’s no point in wasting water. What I love about the Eco SpaShower is that not only does it save water, but it’s also gives you a much higher water pressure! Love it.
~ George R

Save Your Skin & Enhance Your Health


Helps with Dry Skin

Particularly suitable for people who suffer from eczema, psoriasis, or dry hair.


Water Purifying

The mineral stones inside the shower head (tourmaline, germanium, and clay) leave the water crystal clear.


Easy to Use

A stylish design, all you need to do is insert your InsoleHeal into your shoes.


Works With All Showers.

Uses international shower fitting sizes and be easily installed



Uses an eco-friendly design to help you save water and save on your heating bill.


Microbead Tech

Eco SpaShower uses the power of microbeads to filter out toxins for you to have a clean shower.

Start Saving On Heating and Water Bills Today!

Ionic Mineral Balls

This shower head is equipped with mineral balls to enhance the purification of your experience; these minerals will remove traces of chlorine from even the hardest or softest of water areas. The addition of the ion filter adds a new dimension of luxury.

Curved Head

Unlike other models which have a close to 90° angle, the Eco SpaShower has a curved head which allows the spray to flow in a more vertical direction.

Easy Installation

Simply remove the thread protector from the bottom of the shower head, and screw on your shower hose. Compatible with all standard shower hoses.

Here’s Why Customers Love Eco SpaShower…

“Brilliant shower head.”

This does all it says. It’s increased the pressure on my shower. It soften the water and there are no more awful water marks on the shower doors. Definitely recommend and have done, to friends and family.


I just had the most amazing shower. Didn’t need to turn tap all the way because the pressure improved so much and I felt like I was under a gentle jet waterfall…. I’m so relaxed right now

“Buying several more…”

I am super sensitive to hard water and find myself cleaning the bathroom constantly. Now limestone stains are gone. Get one, you won’t be disappointed.

Don’t Miss Out On Eco SpaShower!

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